Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Love Tree

A seed growing into a tree is a natural process. When the conditions are favorable a buried seed pushes through the layers of soil and comes out of darkness into light and space. The seed germinates and grows. An inherent power in the seed manifests and it grows into a tree.

The soil of our mind is also a fertile place for many seeds to grow. These seeds are our qualities, habits and skills. In Balavidhya, through a series of Asanas, rhymes and stories children get to soak the concept of “mind-seeds

Balasana, Tadasana, Tiriyaka-Tadasana form the sequence of asanas

Mind-seeds growing into trees within us is a powerful concept that can bring about awareness in children in terms of:
- Observing what kind of seeds they already have in them ( Recognize)
- What kind of seeds are they already nurturing? ( Reflect)
- What kind of seeds do they aspire for? ( Expand)

In the past year we worked with children to help them understand and look upon qualities and virtues as seeds in the mind that they need to care for so that it can grow within them. We used the seeds of Love and Kindness to begin with. 

Here is how Asanas are weaved into a sequence to present the concept of “mind-seeds” to children.
Balasana (Seed Pose)       Tadasana  (Tree Pose)       Tiriyaka Tadasana
                                                                                               (Swaying Tree Pose)

1. The seed of love and kindness is planted in the seed pose
( Balasana, is referred as seed pose here only for the purpose of helping connect with the concept)
2. In the Tree Pose and Swaying Tree Pose, the nurtured seed grows into a love tree and sways happily. 

Children love movement and Asanas are an excellent medium to not just strengthen their physical body but also give food to their thoughts.
When Asanas are spread as an interconnected sequence revealing certain message that they can contemplate, we touch upon certain important aspect of life and learning.

Recently during a revision session of the “mind-seed” concept, a dialogue that took place in Geetha’s class ( Balavidhya Team
 touched all of us 

Geetha:(asking the class) - When we did Balasana what seeds did we sow?
balasana pannum bodhu enna vedhai irundadhu?

Children: Love (Anbu)

Geetha: What does it become when it grows?
Adhu marama valarum bodhu enna aagum?

One girl's voice piped in : Love Tree (Anbu maram) 

Another girl's voice: It gives love fruits
Anbu pazham tharum!!!

Wow, the girl took a natural step to realize that what you sow is what you reap :) even without the concept being discussed in the class.

More than two years of study, research, expert guidance and field work has gone behind designing the programs of Balavidhya and it is still evolving. Through out this period “Patience” has been a “mind-seed” that we have sown in ourselves.
While writing the first post in the Balavidhya Blog, there is a deep sense of gratitude towards all who have contributed, supported and nurtured Balavidhya.

Dheere dheere re mana, dheere sab kuch hoye
Mali seenche sau ghada ritu aaye phal hoye
Sant kabir

Be patient oh! mind, everything happens at its own pace
A gardener nurtures the trees with a hundred pots of water but the trees bear fruits when the time is right.