Monday, 24 November 2014

Me as an Observer

Moon Watch By Vladimir Kush

It was a co incidence ,that I joined the team on Children's day!
I was curious for more than a year to know what do my friends do in the village school?  Are they teaching English, stories, good habits....?!!!.yes,what I witnessed was not only answer to all my queries, it was more than that.  It is their connectivity,dedication,interest, passion and I can add a lot more.
I saw the kids almost 100 in number, each one welcoming their teachers with a loud clap and great smile.  Geetha's yoga session and Arul's meditation session helped the kids to focus. It was so vivid,none of the kids were shy to speak English, they were curious and knew the English names of fruits ---evidence of the work of these teachers.  Many times I wondered whether the kids energy was the cause of these teachers to evolve and bloom or is it vice versa?
The new Tamil song written by Rema was a great hit among the kids.  First I thought it was the rhythms that they liked and may be later they would forget the song.  But after 5 days when I went there with Rema ,all the kids from class 1 to 5, the moment they saw her started clapping their hands---paid their gratitude for those wonderful verse.  The spirit of those children gave me goose bumps.
I am sure the vibrations are going to create a great circle and I am happy to be part of it.
My gratitude to Geetha for initiating me in this wonderful journey.

Also,Thank you Pavithra for initiating me to write this ......

- Kousalya Karthikeyan

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