Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Joy of a gardener

I was conducting a training program for Govt school teachers and the venue was the nearest Govt Highschool here.
Govt Higher primary schools here are much different from the lower primary schools I work with. There are many class rooms, there is a staff room and a lot of traction and movement compared to the quieter, smaller and two member staffed Lower Primary Schools.

Just as I was entering the school gate, I saw a bunch of children coming running towards me. It did not take a moment more to recognize the faces, these were children whom I have been with during Balavidhya Sessions when they were in lower Primary classes.
They are all grown up now and studying in highschool.

There was a wave of joy that swept all our hearts to see each other so unexpectedly.

They greet me with their usual style, a long dragging "Goooooood Mooooorning Miss"
but then their eyes and body language said so much more, they came close to me, held me, looked at me  as if they have tales to tell me.

I asked them how they are doing and I get to hear short stories :)
The most delightful one is what Reena told me

Reena with her soft voice told me that she is continuing with yoga and meditation at home and in free time at school she is helping other children in high school learn it. Her PT teacher at the highschool also encourages her.

"Miss can I learn more, I can now come to your home if you like..." she said.

I have invited Reena to come home anytime she wants :)

I feel great joy to know how some children have connected with Yoga and Meditation and how it has become a part of their life.

I now understand the joy of a gardener whose plants are flowering.

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