Thursday, 4 December 2014

The excitement of a name badge!

Well!! Have you thought of making a name badge for yourself and the excitement associated with it? I had never thought of it, never made it and when the idea struck it was simply for the purpose of knowing children's names.  I did not want to face the embarrassment of forgetting a child's name and see a child's face go down when I dont know his/her name.

All I told them was - Please make your name like a badge, in any way you want and as colorful as you want and pin it up when you come for the class.  The excitement, the eagerness, the shyness, the pride of wearing their own hand made badge was a delight to watch.  These were not fancy, sturdy badges! They were made with 'simple ordinary' papers which means they did not last for more than few hours or more than a day.  More importantly it also meant that they get to make a new one for every yoga class!!! And of course I too make my badge!!

The ideas they come up with are spectacular and brings a smile on my face.  They forget to bring a pin and lo behold appears the hair clips!! and not to forget Vignesh with his name badge held to his shirt with the help of a sticker, Diwakar forgot to make a badge and quickly tore a piece of paper, wrote his name and plugged it in near his button and smiled so sweetly with his wide open eyes!!! There was a bus badge, a road badge and pattasu (crackers) type badge..Harini was the heroine of the day.  The other children around her were so excited about her badge and came running to me and said - Miss! Miss! Harini-oda badge paatheengala? Nalla senju irruka! (Did you see Harini's badge? She has made it well) and what pride in their voices when appreciating a fellow beings work.  I have seldom seen that kind of excitement in adults.

From the place I am in, it seems to be spectacular.  For the children, it is only a way of doing what needs to be done!! If only we adults could do the same!!!  The focus is on the moment of pinning the badge to the uniform and how to do it with resources available  and here I thought I was doing this activity to remember your names!!!!  I learn from you every time  Hats off to you and gratitude kiddos!<3 <3

P.S: Apologies for the poor picture quality! The badges are so much more nicer in person! :-)