Tuesday, 21 April 2015

tun...tanna...tun...lub..dub..lub...dub..tak..tak..tak...Rhythm - The interweave with life

“To discover your true self you have to listen deep down inside you to the rhythm of life” – when all is quiet and when we pay attention to the very source of living, we can hear the LAYA and THALA of life. 
Music and rhythm are inherent aspect of life itself. There is an orderly flow and innate rhythm to everything in the universe.  The rising and setting sun, the changing seasons, the moving planets, the blowing wind and falling rain are all set to a natural musical flow and tempo.  Our bodies and lives are also full of music.  The movement of breath, the beating of heart, the flow of thoughts and the course of events that occur in our life are all like music. Rhythm pervades everywhere in the mundane things too – be it the sound of the footsteps, movement of the wheels, ring of the phone, whirring of the fan, rustle of the leaves, gurgle of the water….we just need to listen to it.  When we can experience and appreciate the music in the universe we have reached a point of inner bliss which is the very purpose of music.  
In general music is looked upon mostly as entertainment. There is little awareness that is drawn to the inward movements and effects that music can bring in a person. Fine Music is a very powerful tool that can relax, alter emotional states, heal and ultimately elevate the spirit itself.  Music is our soul connect with the universe.

In Balavidya, we believe in providing children a musical environment in which we do not limit or judge their musical understanding by their ability to sing, play musical instruments or appreciate any particular type of music.  Thank you Prasad Naveen for bringing focus to this rhythm of life.  

Rhythm ruled the session @ Sundapalayam Panchayat Union Primary school with the beat of the Ganjira, flow of the Flute and recorder, strumming of the Guitar, melody of the Voices and also through the floor, a gift box, a water bottle, a belan, claps….anything in sight was used to convert to a rhythm.
The children were excited to touch and feel the flute and the guitar.  Some were disappointed when nothing came out of the flute when they blew into it.  Udhay explained beautifully to them about how the same air is channelized and how it needs to be practised.  There was a mini riot during the break time to feel, touch and play the guitar.  Sukhdeo had a hard time getting his guitar back.
Sukhdeo’s and Jayshree’s melodious voice held the kids in silence.  Irrespective of whether they understood the words or not their silence indicated that they were connected to the spirit of the song. 
The song Jayshree rendered was was profound indeed:
We are flowers
Nurse us gently
We are the hope of the world
Let us grow up wildly and then let us bud
We are flowers
Do not break us
Endless is our glow
Let us grow up freely
No violence, death or woe
Give us courage to be happy
Happy, kind and bold
Trust and give us loving
Cause the world outside is cold
We are children
And we are many
We’re the salt of the earth
Listen to us we will blossom
We know our worth (3)
This simple sweet song was taught to the children:
Roses are red, violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet and so are you,
Remember M, remember E
And then you will say remember ME

Then began the rhythm session! What a vibration and synergy that was which emerged so naturally proving once again that rhythm is innate in us.  Nothing was left from the circle of rhythm – clapping, beat of the ganjira, click of the stones, beat of the water bottle, thumping on the floor, tap-tap with the belan…Children were enthralled and mesmerized.  After the session when I saw some boys tapping the pencil on the pencil box to a rhythm of their own I knew the message had reached the children.  Rhythm can be found in anything and anywhere.
Thank You Anil, Udhay, Sukhdeo, Antony, Vibin, Harshad, Sundaresan, Vimida for spending time with the children.
Thank You Vedic Foundation team – as usual we did what needs to be done – Rema, Arul, Kousalya, Jayshree & Prasad.
Love and Gratitude for all that is _/\_

Some moments:
V1: Do you know what instrument this is? (Volunteer had a Recorder in her hand)
Children: Nadhaswaram!!! (Not for a moment did we think, children would relate it to Nadhaswaram.  Wish I could have captured on lens our expressions)
V2: Tell me a song and I will play on the flute.
Children: What a Karavad!!!
Volunteer did play that song with Madhan singing along.
V3: Can you guess my name?
Children: Krishna! (He had a guitar in his hand and he has curly locks)
V2: Can anyone whistle?
Couple of children whistled like pros.  Finger inside their mouth and they went –wheeeee!!! What a sound that was!! And the children were from 3rd and 4th standard.
V2 invited the children to come up and play the flute.  One boy came up and he was very shy too.  When he attempted to play the flute and all that came out of the flute was air.  The whole school burst out laughing and I was left wondering what could be the impact of this on the child.  Thanks to the volunteer he communicated so beautifully with the children and brought it to their awareness that this needs practice and persistence for a tune to emerge.

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” and this was an occasion of joyous loving moments to see the rhythm emerge from the soul of the children.  Lots of love <3