Friday, 1 May 2015

Happiness Through Asanas!

 We met nine little livewires in Chennai! In tamizh there is a proverb ‘moorthi siridhunaalum, keerthi peridhu’ – though the statue/form maybe small, its fame is big! They may have looked like ‘small’ livewires but there was nothing small about their activeness. Their active involvement with Bala Vidya was so touching and endearing. ‘Touching’ and ‘endearing’ are the labels that I have assigned.  They were being just themselves.

The children grew from a seed to a tree and evolved to become animals.  They travelled through the forest, desert, plains and water.  Each medium was supported by an asana reflecting the spirit of the animal in that medium.  The trees swished and swayed, the lions roared, the camels were peaceful with their hunched backs, the butterflies flipped and flapped their wings around the cats and cows and then came the snakes, frogs, turtles and the crocodile.  Rest assured they co-existed peacefully, teaching us co-existence, interdependence and the magnificent interweave of nature.

The children in their course of journey also sang, drew, sowed seeds, painted, made bands and listened to stories – and of course they did asanas too! Each one of their names were so poetical and their name badges reflected their individual style of expression
.  When asked at the end of the program, what did you like most in the program – it was not the asanas or the stories or the painting or the sowing….happiness is what they said!

As adults we think, we plan, we chalk out objectives to be achieved at the end of the program – Yes they are achieved and as a by-product of happiness! Thank You Children for being you _/\_

Thank you Jayshree for inviting us to Chennai! Bala Vidya has touched nine lives!  You are such a generous, wonderful & thoughtful host. _/\_